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2009-07-31 16:33:40 by marcodawson

im working on a big projectTHE EDMUND TRILOGIES it feature two of my past animations voiced by edmund dawson (my dad) plus an ALL NEW animation!!! make sure you all vote five

heres a preview



2009-07-12 14:02:08 by marcodawson

i got a bamboo tablet on saturdays so my animations should be much better guys

good as done

2009-07-01 15:51:39 by marcodawson

hey all just put my latest flash up wii parody the horrible truth behind the wii it was tireing please all vote 5 and i know its not the best im getting a bamboo pad so i should be better Marcus out

up 2 date

2009-05-21 04:03:36 by marcodawson

hey all just updating im working on my latest flash and hopefully it will be up soon

im a flash begginer

2009-05-17 05:33:20 by marcodawson

im a flash begginer working on a flash movie see preview below my youtube is also marcodawson thankyou

im a flash begginer